Elise DeLeon and Sarah Tucker entered event planning through different journeys but united over a shared passion, purpose, and desire. They wanted to leave an indelible mark through the moments and experiences they could design for others. These often personal and sometimes quite intimate occasions are powerful displays of how we live, love, celebrate, and connect. It is perhaps no surprise that these two creative souls found each other and now pour themselves into the entirety of each and every event.
Weaving a clever balance of design and operational excellence, they bring a unique yet cohesive story to your most important events. Their expertise lies in combining artistic ingenuity with precision execution to curate and choreograph unforgettable experiences. 


Sarah began her dynamic career as an auditor and project manager in the operations department of a local finance company. But with the allure of the creative, she explored event planning for family and friends in her spare time. With an encouraging response, she knew she had the talent and could turn this passion into a meaningful new career.

Her official foray into the events world came with the Sundance Film Festival as a logistics manager. She instinctively shifted her talents and ended up working with the Festival for several years. This experience led to other opportunities with local and national companies to produce corporate and philanthropic events, as well as local and destination weddings.

With an aspiration to follow her original passions, she has now fully entered the more aesthetic and creative world of events with her friend and business partner Elise. The perfect fusion of their business acumen and artistic desires, they integrate these capabilities to masterfully deliver flawless events with operational excellence. 

A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Elise established herself through some of the most prestigious events in fine food and wine, luxury hospitality, and upscale entertainment Northern California had to offer. An enviable 11 year career, she has designed, created, and executed a diverse range of events including celebrity and destination weddings, incentive destination programs, conferences, golf tournaments, charity auctions, film festivals, media events, and fundraising galas.

Events have been a life-long passion for Elise as it’s been her goal since college to start her own firm. It was her driving force in starting this company. 

She’s now made that vision a reality with dream partner and dear friend Sarah, and now together are building one of the top event companies in Utah. 

"Let the beauty of what you love
be what you do."


Elise DeLeon

Sarah Tucker

Contemplating the perfect name for more than a year, Sarah and Elise kept returning to the promise of being much more than your typical event planner. The desire to put as much of themselves into every detail of every event, combined with their passion to create truly unique and memorable experiences and environments, had to be part of the name and what they stood for. That core belief needed to be front and center every day and ring true to those they serve.

There’s a Greek word that consistently emerged. Meraki, meaning to do something with soul, creativity, love, passion, devotion, and with undivided attention. You put something of yourself into all that you do, all that you create. That is Meraki. 

Through this inspiration came the name Marae. A name that would carry the combined message of who they were and how they would care for their clients.

What's in a namE